The Firm

The Rosen Law Firm focuses on litigation and trials in state and federal Courts

The law firm's practice includes matters involving aviation, products liability, personal injury, accidental death, and business issues. The firm tries cases on a regular basis and has obtained excellent results for its clients both at trial and through negotiated settlements.  The firm's cases have included suits filed in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Connecticut, Florida, and British Columbia. The firm was selected for first tier ranking in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of Best Law Firms.

Telling the story

A winning approach, learned from the master authors and cinematographers, is not to bury the best stuff in the middle of an argument or presentation to a judge or jury.  Borrowing a term from astrophysics, a big-bang approach should be used at the start and finish of arguments and cases.  Drawing on the movie Independence Day, Steve explained this approach for the American Bar Association in its August 2008 ABA Journal article “How I Learned to Litigate at the Movies.” Yes, that is Steve on the left in the second photo of the article, edited into a frame from the movie of the President and pilots heading off to battle the aliens.

Another powerful tool used to tell a client’s story is animation.  An animation of an airplane flight was recently created for the law firm and used to defeat claims made against one of the firm’s clients. At the conclusion of that 7 day trial, the jury found that the law firm’s client, the owner of the airplane, was not responsible for this tragic airplane accident in which 5 people were killed and 3 others were injured.