The law firm’s work is concentrated on how things are made, maintained, and operated. With Steve’s undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering and Master’s Degree in Systems and Control Engineering, the firm offers a unique skill set.

The firm largely represents defendants and handles insurance defense cases, though at any given time is usually also handling one or two plaintiff’s cases. This gives the firm an understanding of what proof and arguments best persuade a party in a lawsuit, a mediator, a judge, or a jury from both a defense and plaintiff perspective. It also forms the basis for a meaningful evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case.



The law firm handles aviation matters of all kinds, including helicopter and fixed wing accidents, representation before National Transportation Safety Board law judges, and FAA regulatory issues. 

Representative cases include:

  • Representation of the manufacturer of a U.S. Air Force cargo plane in an accident in which 10 servicemen died

  • Representation of an airplane owner against claims that it caused a crash in which five people were killed and others were injured
    Representation of an airline against claims that it caused a passenger to fall while boarding and suffer a brain injury

  • Representation of a pilot before an NTSB law judge against FAA claims that he recklessly performed aerobatics in a Russian designed war bird over a commercial airport

  • Representation of a helicopter manufacturer against claims of negligent design and manufacture of the helicopter’s gear box


  • Representation of the seller of O-rings against claims by a condominium owners’ association that the O-rings caused leaking plumbing fittings

  • Representation of a framing and siding company against claims that windows were incorrectly installed, causing water intrusion and mold related repairs

  • Representation of a siding manufacturer against claims that its siding leaked causing mold, fungus, and water damage

  • Representation of a commercial tenant in recovering losses caused by faulty roofing maintenance that resulted in catastrophic flooding of leased space

  • Representation of a metal door and frame manufacturer against claims that paint could not adhere to its doors



  • Representation of an insurer and helicopter owner to recover expenses and lost income after a forklift was driven into a helicopter on a dock

  • Representation of an insurer and tractor trailer owner to recover losses that were incurred following a multi-vehicle accident on an iced-over pass 


Except in the aviation area, the firm accepts personal injury and death cases. Its cases have included:

  • Injuries suffered by a passenger when a charter bus caught fire, causing substantial burns and 40 days of hospitalization

  • Death that resulted from a head-on collision on an Interstate highway

  • Injuries suffered in a head-on automobile collision on a state road 

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  • The firm represents business clients in breach of contract and other disputes. 

  • The firm also serves as local counsel for out-of-state counsel in the Oregon and Washington courts.

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