Continuing Legal Education

Mr. Rosen has taught trial tactics and strategy, as well as rules of ethics, in 32 states. His signature presentation “Movie Magic: How the Masters Try Cases” engages his audiences via the medium of film. This unique program combines legal education with Hollywood entertainment as it examines litigation strategies and tactics, using courtroom scenes from:

starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington

The Accused
starring Jodie Foster

To Kill a Mockingbird
starring Gregory Peck

Adam’s Rib
starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

My Cousin Vinny
starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei

Inherit the Wind
starring Spencer Tracy and Frederick March

A Few Good Men
starring Tom Cruise and Kevin Bacon

Miracle on 34th Street
starring Edmund Gwenn

Class Action
starring Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Witness for the Prosecution
starring Charles Laughton

Judgment at Nuremberg
starring Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark, and Maximillian Schell

The Verdict
starring Paul Newman

starring Anthony Hopkins

During the program masters of film demonstrate best practices.  Mr. Rosen draws on these films to teach techniques for:

• Arguing motions
• Structuring voir dire
• Telling a story during opening statement
• Direct and cross-examination
• Effective closing argument

The program also examines ethical issues that arise in the clips, including ex parte contact with employees of adverse organizations, witness preparation, and instructions from the client. Here is what registrants have said about “Movie Magic”:

“Great program. The most enjoyable CLE course I’ve taken.”

“[The] movie clips are a great illustration of the trial techniques discussed.”

“I expected a good course, but was pleased by the substance and value of group discussion that Mr. Rosen encouraged.”

“Highly useful info in trial practice and ethics in a most entertaining format. Mr. Rosen is a very well organized and entertaining speaker. The program was all it promised and more.”