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The Rosen Law Firm offers more than 40 years of aviation and engineering expertise. The firm’s founder, Steve Rosen, holds an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in systems and control engineering. From that engineering experience, with a focus on aviation law, The Rosen Law Firm was born.


Where Experience


The Firm’s experience includes regular interpretation of NTSB reports, FAA regulations, retention of aviation experts, and analysis of the causes of accidents that involve general and commercial airplanes and helicopters.

Commercial Airplane Incidents

The firm has represented domestic and foreign airlines, defending claims of injury or death of a passenger, misconduct of a passenger or crew member, and airline discrimination. The firm’s focus and years of experience in defending airlines combine to offer the best defense.

Helicopter & Aircraft Crashes

The firm has extensive experience in matters arising out of helicopter and airplane crashes. This includes working with the NTSB and FAA to understand the findings and then working with experts to determine causation and recreate events. This permits the continued development of the client’s story, translating technical and complex components into a persuasive and easy-to-understand presentation to a judge and jury.

Catastrophic & Complex Litigation

Catastrophic and complex litigation requires specialized knowledge and skill, both of which The Rosen Law Firm offers. Perhaps uniquely, Mr. Rosen brings a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering and a law degree to any representation, offering the best experience and knowledge to limit expenses and detours, that may be attractive to less experienced lawyers, in catastrophic and complex litigation.